Decarbonize buildings and promote green cities with sustainable wood products.

We’re a global leader, located in Lithuania, specializing in engineered wood products for sustainable construction. Our expertise lies in creating the world’s most sustainable construction materials, inspiring our customers to achieve more in their projects:

Build more sustainably

We are forward-looking organization with well-established mass production operations, so in construction projects we help make sustainable building possible at scale around the world.

With a dedicated workforce of 200 skilled professionals, our state-of-the-art 29,000 square meter manufacturing plant in Europe, Lithuania, is where innovation meets precision. Situated on a sprawling 10-hectare land, our facilities are equipped to meet the demands of any construction project.


We use equipment that meets world-class production standards and is individually designed for our engineered wood production processes, so we can produce products at high speed and in extremely high volumes.

We offer flexible
manufacturing solutions:


Full in-house development capabilities


Flexible and tailored development, design, and manufacturing processes


Product certification and adaptation to international quality requirements


Low, medium, and large-scale production


Advanced quality control execution


Global product delivery

A perfect combination of materials from one manufacturer

We offer a unique opportunity to order 4 different products in one factory: LVL, I-JOIST, STRUCTURAL PARTICLE BOARD, and PREFABRICATED TIMBER ELEMENTS FOR HOUSES. These high-quality products can be directly ordered from our well-stocked warehouse. We develop the building system of prefabricated components for construction for new built projects, as well as renovation using engineered wood products. We also offer an extensive range of versatile building design, structural modelling, and consulting services.

Production and capacities

We contribute to decarbonization by offering eco-friendly construction products.

As a leader in low-carbon and circular engineered wood products, VMG LIGNUM has an important role to play in helping the construction industry transition to greener, and more environmentally friendly construction materials.


We lead with sustainability:


Lead construction industry toward a sustainable future, and circular economy.


Scale sustainability impact.


Accelerate change towards decarbonizing building for a net-zero future.


Provide innovative solutions and products to build more with less impact on the environment.

The right approach
sustainability standarts

Our company aim is to have a
positive impact over long term on:

Minimizing harmful
environmental impacts

Using more
recyclable materials

Lead material innovations
that will enable less waste

Promoting product
recycling initiatives

Our misssion:
Lead the way to sustainable home!

Our number one priority and strategy is to accelerate sustainable forward-looking innovations that makes REAL impact on our customers, our communities, and our planet. Our company’s mission serves as the foundation upon which we build our business processes and principles. Together, we broaden our horizons and sharpen our focus to create meaningful innovations that improve people’s well-being.

our purpose and values

Through our dedication to sustainability:

  • 01

    We lead by example

  • 02

    We perform with excellence

  • 03

    We continuously learn and grow

  • 04

    We aspire to greater achievements

  • 05

    We contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future for all