Our mission:

Our number one priority and strategy is to accelerate sustainable forward-looking innovations that makes REAL impact on our business, our customers, our communities, and our planet. Our company’s mission serves as the foundation upon which we build our business processes and principles. Together, we broaden our horizons and sharpen our focus to create meaningful innovations that improve people’s well-being.

Through our

dedication to sustainability:

We lead
by example

We perform
with excellence

We continuously
learn and grow

We aspire to
greater achievements

We contribute to a
brighter, more
sustainable future for all

Guided by the principles of the circular economy - reduce, reuse, recycle, recover - we integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our business.

At our companies, we consistently lead the way to a sustainable home. Our unwavering commitment to our mission,
drives us to continually perform at the highest level, learn from
our experiences, aspire to new heights, and contribute
to a better future for all.

We understand that to achieve our mission, we must not only offer exceptional products and services but also develop our businesses and processes in alignment with our core values. Our business development in accordance with our mission means embracing change and pushing boundaries to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero carbon future. By applying innovative, efficient, and effective business solutions, we ensure that our operations are environmentally responsible and socially conscious.

With our wide-range expertise and a shared commitment to decarbonizing planet, we actively contribute to the creation of greener cities. Our focus on developing sustainable home solutions enables us to improve the quality of life both at home and at work. By offering high-quality products that enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental performance, we empower individuals and communities to make conscious choices that benefit the planet.

Our culture

We focus on creating a sustainable performance culture where our employees have all the conditions to make extraordinary things happen.

What our values are

What makes us unique

Our purpose is to revolutionize the way we live sustainably, leading the charge towards a future that is environmentally conscious and forward-thinking.

Our company’s aim is to have a positive impact over long term on:

Minimizing harmful
environmental impacts

Reducing production
process waste

Using more
recyclable materials

Transitioning to an
eco-friendly supply chain

Lead material innovations
that will enable less waste