Our brand DNA

We blend creativity, strategy, and cutting-edge design to create an a brand that evoke emotions, strengthen bonds, and cultivate trust.

Our brand was designed to represent the harmony and synergy between different VMG group of companies, products and services, teams, and processes. Given the company’s long and rich history, the main component of which was woodworking, the graphic part of the brand also includes wood shavings. Our brand concept conveyed a sense of fluidity and motion, showcasing the continuous cycle of growth, dynamics, and progress. The brand graphic element serves as a recognizable mark that reflects VMG’s commitment to precision and innovation. The brand’s clean lines and precise angles symbolize the brand’s flexibility, modernity, and synergy between different contexts.


Distinctive visual language

We have developed interactive, scalable, brand-oriented, and distinctive visual language.


Our visual language seeks to create an intuitive and unique user experience by adapting seamlessly to various contexts and ensuring a consistent and versatile visual representation. Through visually captivating storytelling and impactful messaging, we aim to evoke emotions and engage our audience across all marketing channels and touchpoints. We designed a distinctive visual language, design systems and brand guidelines that enhances communication, making it more appealing to our enterprise clients.

Dynamic visual identity

Clear VMG brand guidelines were established to maintain consistency and to create dynamic visual identity. These our brand guidelines ensured that VMG’s brand identity remained cohesive, playful and even disruptive in every customer interaction across all marketing channels in digital and offline environments.

Our color positioning

Our colors expanding our design language while preserving its core aesthetics and essence.


We seek to leave the traditional way of color positioning. So, we brought a very diverse palette to our visual languages that conveys, in a way, innovation, sustainability, exclusivity and modernity. The main palette draws inspiration from natural colors while incorporating bold accents that capture the distinct essence of our brand. The colors reflect the context of the main activities of our group companies: WHERE WE OPERATE, HOW WE OPERATE, AND WHAT WE STRIVE FOR. The timeless colors create a harmonious balance among the diverse elements in overall our design language.