VMG Group: A Global Force in Innovation

Today, VMG Group stands as a global investment company, uniting 25 companies with over 5,000 employees. The company invests in various sectors, from wood processing and sustainable wood products to renewable energy parks, innovation and technology industry development, and industrial real estate management across the Baltic States, Poland, and other European Union countries. The production is exported to more than 40 countries worldwide.


From our founding in 1921, innovation has always been our legacy and our future.

In 1921, UAB Klaipėdos aerouostas was founded, starting its activities by providing mail, package, and passenger transportation by air services to Kaunas, Riga, Gdansk, and other cities. Today, it has evolved into a private airfield offering various aviation services alongside launching environmentally friendly and innovative industrial and commercial projects.



Pioneering Plywood Production

Founded in Plikiai in 1994, UAB “SAKUONA” became the largest layer glued plywood producer in Lithuania and one of the largest in Europe. Starting with plywood parts for beds, the company diversified into various modifications of bed slats, bed frames, and fully assembled beds and chairs. Over 25 years, Sakuona, UAB has grown, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction.



Sustainable Wood Products Development

Established in 2002, UAB “VAKARŲ MEDIENOS GRUPĖ” took on the responsibility for developing sustainable wood product production and wood processing activities within VMG Group.



Investing in Lithuanian Forests

In 2004, UAB “Eurovesta” joined the VMG Group, focusing on investing in Lithuanian forests and supplying roundwood to VMG Group production companies.



Investing in Technical Expertise

Iin 2005, VMG “Technics” (formerly VMG ekspedicija, UAB) was founded, offering modern production, repair, and engineering services, including technical maintenance, equipment installations, and metal construction works.



Expanding Wood Processing and Furniture Production

After becoming a part of the VMG Group in 2019, VMG Konstantynow Sp. z o.o. specialized in wood processing and furniture production, introducing fully assembled chairs with a high production capacity of up to 1.6 million chairs per year.



Strategic Management and Furniture Manufacturing

In 2020, UAB “VMGcorp” was founded as an investment management company responsible for global management and strategic investment projects. The same year saw the establishment of UAB “VMG Akmenės baldai,” dedicated to manufacturing cabinet furniture and opening one of the most modern furniture factories in the Baltic States in 2022.



Focusing on Sustainable Wood Products

Also in 2020, UAB “VMG Lignum Construction” aimed to produce sustainable wood products for construction, developing VMG Lignum Board and planning investments of 100 million Euros in product range expansion by 2022.



Multidirectional Design Services

UAB “VMG Lignum Systems” provides a wide range of design services, including structural calculations, modelling, and research activities. Their projects focus on sustainability, such as the design of “Klaipėdos mediena” building, incorporating engineered timber structures.