We buy FSC-certified round wood, all over Baltic states

We buy round wood only from verified suppliers who meet all FSC® requirements. Sustainably managed forests are crucial to our core business activities. We purchase FSC-certified round wood of various volumes from private forest owners, state forests and forestry companies large and small. Depending on the amount of wood offered, we conclude one-time or long-term contracts for the purchase of round wood.

  • We buy various quantities of round wood from suppliers:

    From 10 to 100,000 m³/ monthly.

Considering the market trends, we aim to offer competitive round wood purchase prices. The price of the round wood to be purchased depends on the following main factors:

the quality classes of wood
the kind of wood
the length of the log
log diameter
quantity of wood for sale

We are constantly buying hardwood and softwood logs:

Pine logs

Fir logs

Birch log

Aspen logs

Pine logs

C24 GL24h GL28h LVL 48 P
Bending fm,0,edge,k 24 N/mm2 24 N/mm2 28 N/mm2 44 N/mm2
Tensile along ft,0,k 14 N/mm2 16,5 N/mm2 19,5 N/mm2 35 N/mm2
Tensile perpendicular ft,90,k 0,4 N/mm2 0,4 N/mm2 0,45 N/mm2 0,8 N/mm2
Shear fv,0,edge,k 2,5 N/mm2 2,7 N/mm2 3,2 N/mm2 4,2 N/mm2
Compression along fc,0,edge,k 21 N/mm2 24 N/mm2 26,5 N/mm2 35 N/mm2
Compression perpendicular fc,90,edge,k 2,5 N/mm2 2,5 N/mm2 3,0 N/mm2 6,0 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity E0,mean 11000 N/mm2 11600 N/mm2 12600 N/mm2 13800 N/mm2
Density ρk 350 kg/m3 380 kg/m3 410 kg/m3 480 kg/m3

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Darius Ramšas

Sales Manager of LVL and I-JOIST