Load-bearing structural particle board P5 directly from the European manufacturer

We’re a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality VMG LIGNUM BOARD P5, a moisture-resistant, load-bearing particle board for construction, structures, and finishing. Certified and sustainably sourced, our products are delivered worldwide. Our state-of-the-art factory in Europe (Lithuania) uses cutting-edge technology to provide durable, reliable, and superior construction materials.

  • Particle board production capabilities (P4, P5, P6, P7):

    200 000 m³/year
  • Production and warehouse space:

    29 000 m²

Elevate your projects with our exceptional particle board

As a leading European load-bearing structural particle board factory, we supply superior engineered wood products that outperform traditional materials in terms of strength, durability, and weight. VMG LIGNUM BOARD P5 exhibits uniform stability and structural integrity, with the same strength in all directions, providing reliability in various applications. Its enhanced resistance to humidity ensures structural stability, even in moist environments, making it ideal for areas with high humidity levels where traditional wood may degrade over time.

ADVANTAGES OF THE VMG LIGNUM BOARD (P5 grade structural particle board):

  • Smooth surface, easy to process and clean, universal application;

    Good thermal and sound insulation;

  • This particle board has a much finer fibre structure, and even more so on the surface, which, in contrast to OSB, prevents fibre protrusions to the surface even when the particle board is exposed to moisture;

    Resistant to loads and moisture (can be used in wet rooms P5 and P7);

  • Lower thickness swelling when soaking in H2O – TS: 9-10% (compared to OSB-3: TS up to 15%);

    Lower vapour permeability compared to OSB (P5 and P7);

  • The mechanical resistance of the board is equal both transversely and longitudinally, as, unlike in OSB, the chips face all directions;

    The particle board for construction is attributable to formaldehyde emission class E1;

  • A sustainable product: 100% wood biomass is used during production, as well as the boards can be recycled to produce new ones;

    The wood for obtaining the biomass for production of the boards is purchased solely from responsibly managed forests, where the sustainable forestry principles are applied.

VMG LIGNUM BOARD P5 is certified and
sourced from sustainable forests.

VMG LIGNUM BOARD P5, like our other products, is crafted from FSC® certified raw materials. FSC® license number – FSC-C166244.

The structural particle board we produce has its own harmonized European standard EN 14374, which provides the basis for our particle board products to be CE marked and issued with a Declaration of Performance (DoP). VMG LIGNUM BOARD P5 is certified by CE, Eurofins OY certification organization.

We manufacture T&G4, T&G2, and REGULAR type P5 of moisture-resistant and load-bearing particle board.






We are flexible in structural particle boards measurements and quantities. Our particle boards can be produced in different sizes depending on where and how it will be used.

We have large stock of standard sizes of particle boards for immediate delivery.

Production for different-scale projects

It doesn’t matter if you need a small amount of structural particle boards for one small project or you are planning a long-term/large-scale project, we can ensure fast production and supply in the required quantities.

We produce durable, flexible
structural particle boards for:

Walls (with

Floors (glued
and fastened
with screws)

(pitch ≥16°)


Areas that need to be
protected from moisture or
for wet rooms (P5 and P7)

Various construction
and transport
support components

We supply our structural particle boards to construction projects of various purposes.

Areas of application of VMG LIGNUM BOARDS:

VMG LIGNUM BOARDS P5 are resistant to loads and are moisture-
resistant, making it an excellent alternative to OSB-3 and OSB-4 boards.

Structural particle boards P5 can be used in service classes 1 and 2, structural particle boards P4 and P6 can be used in service class 1.

  • Performance class 1: For the roof, wall, floor and partition structures of heated buildings.
  • Performance class 2: For roof, wall, ceiling, and partition structures protected against direct moisture in unheated buildings and in well-ventilated wet rooms protected against direct moisture in heated buildings; for floors installed above ground.

VMG LIGNUM BOARD manufacturing process:

We select suitable logs for the production of particle boards. Once debarked, the logs are chipped into small pieces using specialized machinery. The wood particles are then dried to reduce their moisture content. This step is important as it ensures the stability and quality of the final product. The dried wood particles are screened to remove impurities and sorted according to size.

The wood particles are then mixed with a resin adhesive in a specific ratio. The mixture is then blended to ensure an even distribution of the adhesive. The resin-coated wood particles are spread out evenly onto a conveyor belt, forming a mat. The mats are compressed to remove excess air and ensure uniform density. The mats are then transferred to a hot press where they undergo high pressure and temperature. This process activates the resin adhesive, causing it to bond the wood particles together. The duration of pressing and curing depends on the specific product requirements and adhesive type.

After curing, the boards are removed from the press and trimmed to the desired dimensions. The finished particle boards are thoroughly inspected for quality control purposes. Defective boards are identified and separated from the acceptable ones. The approved particle boards are stacked and packaged in pallets for protection during transportation. The packaged particle boards are loaded onto trucks or shipping containers for delivery to customers or distribution centers. The boards are transported using appropriate logistics methods, ensuring safe handling and delivery to the designated locations.

We manufacture T&G4, T&G2, and REGULAR type (P5 / P7) of moisture-resistant and load-bearing glued structural particle board. These products are an excellent alternative to the traditional OSB/3 and OSB/4 boards and can be used in service classes 1 and 2. In our product range, we also have VMG LIGNUM BOARD P4 and VMG LIGNUM BOARD P6 for use in dry environments.


Full project lifecycle support

No matter the size of the project, our dedicated team provide unparalleled, comprehensive support to our clients during every project lifecycle. Our support is there to ensure you always receive the assistance you need: technical support, advice, and guidance across all project phases.

What you can expect
from working with us:

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    Quick response to your inquiries

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    Technical support and guidance across all project phases

  • 03

    Focus on meeting the very toughest your requirements

  • 04

    Manufacturing speed and flexibility

  • 05

    On-time product delivery support

  • 06

    Support throughout the entire project lifecycle

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Global distribution - delivery directly from the manufacturer

Our worldwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities guarantee prompt product delivery to our global customers. We have large stock of standardized products for immediate delivery.

Controlled whole supply chain

We manage the entire journey from
raw materials selection to order fulfillment.


Full-service solutions

With our full range of production capabilities, we offer our clients services from A to Z. So, with our team you can organize the entire production process, from product manufacturing to delivery, as easy and efficient as possible.

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