Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) directly from the European manufacturer

We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier of certified, sustainably sourced LVL beams, columns, and panels, serving clients worldwide from our factory in Lithuania, Europe. Our cutting-edge technology ensures durable, reliable, and structurally superior construction materials.

  • LVL production capabilities:

    120 000 m³/year
  • Production and warehouse space:

    29 000 m²

Unlock enhanced levels of strength and stability with VMG LIGNUM LVL

As a leading LVL factory in Europe, we produce and deliver top-quality engineered wood products that are lighter, stronger, and more durable than traditional sawn timber. With greater spans and load-bearing capacity, our LVL offers endless possibilities for wide and flexible use in construction projects.

Benefits of VMG LIGNUM
laminated veneer lumber (LVL):

  • LVL is available in lengths up to 18 m;

    LVL is easy to handle and simple to install;

  • LVL provides the consistent shape and sizes;

    LVL is stronger, and straighter than traditional sawn timber;

  • LVL offers superior dimensional stability, better performance and longer spans;

    LVL can be produced in different shapes depending on where and how it will be used;

  • LVL is tolerant of holes and notches;

    LVL is one of the strongest wood-based construction materials relative to its density;

  • LVL has the great advantage of using wood resources efficiently and sustainably.

All our VMG LIGNUM LVL products are certified and made from sustainably sourced wood

VMG LIGNUM LVL, like our other products, is crafted from FSC® certified raw materials. FSC® license number – FSC-C166244.

The LVL we produce has its own harmonized European standard EN 14374, which provides the basis for our LVL products to be CE marked and issued with a Declaration of Performance (DoP). VMG LIGNUM LVL is certified by CE, Eurofins OY certification organization.

We manufacture two types of LVL:

Group 6104


(all veneers are glued parallel)

Group 6105


(up to 20% of the veneers are cross-glued)

LVL-P is characterized by greater strength and stiffness along the longitudical axis, while LVL-C is stronger perpendicular to the fiber.
LVL-P is more suitable for beams, studs and columns, and LVL-C for slabs, lintels.

Rectangle 1300

To produce LVL is used:

LVL–P: pine wood
LVL–C: pine wood

VMG LIGNUM LVL–C marginal dimensions:

Group 6161
  • 1. Thickness

    21 – 90 mm

  • 2. Width

    45 – 1830 mm

  • 3. Length

    2500 - 18000 mm

Standard LVL sizes

We are flexible in LVL products measurements and quantities. Our LVL can be produced in different shapes depending on where and how it will be used. We want to enable construction companies to improve their project flexibility and speed by providing a wide range of LVL products. We can offer low-mix/low-volume or high-mix/high-volume LVL manufacturing.

We have large stock of standard sizes LVL products for immediate delivery.

LVL processing:



Not impregnated
Anti-termites’ treatment
Only for glue, the surface is untreated
Surfaces are sanded, edges are not sanded
CNC cutting
No cutting
Other cuts
Cutting to lengths and widths

VMG LIGNUM LVL can be further processed by the customer in various ways according to the intended use and specific customer wishes. At his discretion and request, the customer can paint and impregnate the LVL surface in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the paint/impregnator suppliers. The structural properties of LVL will not be affected by these surface coatings.

We are suitable for low, medium, and large-scale production projects

It doesn’t matter if you need a small amount of LVL products for one small project or you are planning an entire large scale residential block, or a commercial building – we can ensure fast production and supply in the required quantities.

VMG LIGNUM LVL manufacturing process:


The production process of LVL (laminated veneer lumber) begins with the careful selection of logs that meet the desired parameters. These logs are then subjected to peeling, where they are stripped of their outer layers. Following the peeling process, the veneer sheets are soaked and prepared for further treatment.

Next, the peeled veneer sheets are cut, dried, and sorted based on their quality and characteristics. This sorting process ensures that only the best veneer sheets are used in the production of LVL. Once sorted, the veneer sheets undergo an important step where they are applied with glue. The glue acts as a binding agent, providing the necessary strength and stability to the LVL product. The glued veneer sheets are then carefully layered, ensuring proper alignment and distribution of the wood fibers.

To achieve the desired strength and integrity, the layered veneer sheets are pressed together using a hot press. This process involves applying heat and pressure, allowing the glue to cure and bond the veneer sheets together effectively. The result is a solid and robust LVL panel.

After the pressing stage, the formed LVL panels are cut to the specific dimensions required by the customers. This customization ensures that the LVL products meet the exact requirements and specifications of each project. To prepare the finished LVL products for shipment, they are meticulously packed to ensure their protection during transportation.

The packed LVL products are then delivered to the customers at their designated locations, ensuring a convenient and efficient supply chain. Throughout the entire production process, stringent quality control measures are implemented.

Continuous monitoring and inspection ensure that each LVL product meets the highest standards of quality and performance. This dedication to quality control guarantees that every piece of LVL leaving our facility is of exceptional quality and reliability.

Support throughout the entire project lifecycle

No matter the size of the project, our dedicated team provide unparalleled, comprehensive support to our clients during every project lifecycle. Our support is there to ensure you always receive the assistance you need: technical support, advice, and guidance across all project phases.

What you can expect from working with us:

  • 01

    Quick response to your inquiries

  • 02

    Technical support and guidance across all project phases

  • 03

    Focus on meeting the very toughest your requirements

  • 04

    Manufacturing speed and flexibility

  • 05

    On-time product delivery support

  • 06

    Support throughout the entire project lifecycle

We always ready to walk the extra mile!


Global distribution - delivery directly from the manufacturer

Our worldwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities guarantee prompt product delivery to our global customers. We have large stock of standardized products for immediate delivery.

Controlled whole supply chain

We manage the entire journey from
raw materials selection to order fulfillment.


Full-service solutions

With our full range of production capabilities, we offer our clients services from A to Z. So, with our team you can organize the entire production process, from product manufacturing to delivery, as easy and efficient as possible.

Local expertise. Global markets.

This could be the first step of a great and long-lasting partnership

We could meet a wide variety of needs by offering a diverse selection of standard and customized products. For every project, we approach it as a fresh partnership and ensure that we simplify every procedure throughout all the different stages of the project.